Parenthood, Making an Impact, and Not Being Perfect (It's Okay!)

This article was originally published at Conscious Magazine.

You've seen the movies, the books, and the television shows. You've scrolled through the Facebook posts and the Instagrams. You know what I'm talking about—the images of families that do not seem to look or act anything like yours. Just as you're struggling to pay the bills, pick Cheerios out of your hair, talk to Johnny about his report card, dive into work after the kids go to sleep, keep up with your emails, and make that appointment with your therapist—a friend uploads a picture of her Pinterest-worthy DIY project!

There seems to be a push and expectation that parenthood is graceful and easy, and that you'll raise wonderful kids if you do things "the right way." Well, don't believe your screens. 


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Photo via Conscious Magazine / Mattea Photography