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Barbara can't seem to fit into any particular box. Her multi-passionate spirit has lead her to become a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), writer, advisor and social impact strategist.

With relentless optimism, drive and curiosity, Barbara is constantly playing at the intersection of digital and social issues while "dreaming of things that never were and asking, why not?" Her insights pertaining to feminism, mental health, and entrepreneurship have been featured in radio and published on sites such as Teen Vogue, HuffPost, Bustle, Elite Daily, and Thought Catalog.

Barbara received her master's degree in social work with a concentration in advanced social policy from New York University. Her passions in the field include social innovation, women's issues, and trauma. Barbara has worked intensively with at-risk children and their families, in their homes and communities, for over a decade. She has played a number of roles from advocate and organizer to a practitioner addressing family dynamics, mental health diagnoses, challenging behaviors and Autism. In 2012, Barbara co-founded Project Bond in response to witnessing the unique needs of adoptive and foster families going unmet.

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In 2017, Barbara was a volunteer marshal at the Women's March in DC as part of her ongoing activism for equality. Barbara also led a petition for her high school to change their sexual assault policies. With over 700 signatures and garnered media attention, the school later enhanced their school policies for the 2017-2018 school year.

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Currently, Barbara is an advisor for Threading Twine, an up-and-coming, youth-led social impact media company, and works full-time at University Settlement Society of New York (USS) where she oversees a $1.33 million grant awarded by the Manhattan DA's office as part of their Criminal Justice Investment Initiative to address mass incarceration. Her work at USS entails ground up program design, strategic planning, implementation, branding and outcome measurement of a start-up, now named Families Thriving, to strengthen families and community partners in the Lower East Side (LES). Highlights during her first year in this role include: partnering with a PTA to develop and facilitate a workshop series in response to #MeToo and #TimesUp, facilitating screenings of I'm Not Racist... Am I?, organizing agency-wide initiatives to better and explicitly support undocumented immigrants, supporting schools to become more trauma-informed as a means to interrupt the school to prison pipeline, and being the first in New York to implement Triple P, an evidence-based family intervention program.

Barbara is daring greatly in NYC where she thrives on creating, innovating and collaborating with others to dismantle any and all barriers keeping women from accessing their own great power and potential.