To Our Future Sons and Daughters: A Love Letter to the Next Generation

This letter is for not only my future son(s) and daughter(s) but for all of our future sons and daughters. For in fact, the next generation is all of our responsibility and they will be the ones to hold all of us in their hands. Your son might be my daughter’s future husband or vice versa. Your daughter’s decisions might be the ones to drastically influence my son. The possibilities are endless and so are the ripples.

To Our Future Sons and Daughters,

As you embark on this beautiful and complex adventure called Life, I thought I’d share some loving advice for the road ahead. Take all of it or take some but, most of all, take it and make it your own.

1. Embrace your unique and imperfect self.

You don't belong in any category. You are not defined by any term that has existed before you. Don't ever feel pressured or convinced to fit in.

No one is perfect.


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